Down Syndrome.

If your loved one is having a baby with Down syndrome, please, please, please download this booklet.  It's from Down Syndrome Pregnancy.  If you are having a baby with Down syndrome and you need an amazing resource, check out this free booklet from Lettercase.  It's short enough to download to the free app for iPhone.

The following are some sites I frequent for information, updates, and articles about Down syndrome.

Disability is Natural Articles - The language of disability.
Down Syndrome Association of Northern VA - Our local organization.
Down Syndrome Education International - Teaching children with Down syndrome, and also great for all students with learning differences.
Down Syndrome Pregnancy - The best resource I found during pregnancy.  Download the e-book, or buy a copy.
National Down Syndrome Adoption Network - For domestic adoptions of children with Down syndrome.
National Down Syndrome Congress - National organization.
National Down Syndrome Society - Another national organization.
31 for 21 - Posts celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness Month on this blog
Resources in Spanish

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