Wednesday, October 19, 2016

{31 for 21} Seriously, Another -ism?

Despite being a special education teacher, it wasn't until Ellie was about a year old that I first heard the word "ableism."

My definition: Thinking people are valued based on what they're able to do.

It's a hard one.

We praise so much based on ability, but I believe that our value is so much more than how fast we run, our IQ score, the clarity of our speech or the money we make.

People have value.

People should be treated as if they have value.

Barriers down.

Embracing each person as an image bearer of God.  Even if they "can't."  Can't walk, can't talk, can't act like we've been taught to act.

Value in people.  Because they're all people.

It's worth thinking about.
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