Tuesday, October 11, 2016

{31 for 21} School.

Ellie's Parent-Teacher Conference was Friday morning.  As she gets older, I'm sharing a bit less, but this is all stuff we share with her.  She sat in on most of the conference.

Some highlights/lowlights....

* Ellie is in the highest reading group.
* Ellie's writing has lots of room for improvement.
* Ellie's team is working to find a way for Ellie to show what she knows about spelling and sight words that is not strictly printing.
* The writing demands of the highest reading group are significantly above Ellie's ability, but her reading skills are on par with her peers.  Hence the point above.
* Math is harder than reading for Ellie.
* Friendships are forming between Ellie and her peers.
* Ellie is learning to nicely say "please let me do it myself," instead of knocking someone's hand away and yelling.
* Ellie is extroverted.
* Ellie knows everyone at school.
* In speech class, Ellie is demonstrating LOTS of personality.

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