Monday, October 24, 2016

{31 for 21} Medical.

Ellie is now pretty healthy, but recently some people have asked me about her various doctors.  She has a lot.  So here's a glimpse of a "now healthy child with Down syndrome with a lengthy medical history" doctor schedule.

Pediatrician - When sick, well check annually, flu shot.
Geneticist - Annually
Cardiologist - Annually
GI Doctor - Annually
ENT - New, annual I guess?
Dentist - Twice a year
Ophthalmologist - Annually
General Surgery - Dismissed around a year old.
Sleep specialist - TBA

Plus, weekly physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy at school.

It only seems overwhelming a couple times a year when we have a bunch of appointments at once and Ellie misses school, etc.  She's really tough and hasn't complained!
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  1. If you don't mind answering, what does Ellie see the geneticist for? We met one in the NICU when our daughter with DS was born, found him relatively useless, and cancelled the follow up appointment. Is my daughter missing out on something by not seeing a geneticist? (She's almost 4 now.)

    1. Ellie's geneticist more or less manages the fact that she has DS. He helps coordinate all the annual appointments and bloodwork and he's the one who sort of oversees everything. We call her ped when she's sick but her geneticist for DS specific concerns. He also knows what to look for as far as concerns go.

    2. I appreciate your reply. When you meet the variety of doctors in the NICU, in the maelstrom of a unexpected birth and diagnosis, it's a little bewildering and I never quite understood what the geneticist did. Thanks!


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