Wednesday, October 12, 2016

{31 for 21} "The Farm"

Ellie had Parent-Teacher conference days on Thursday and Friday, meaning no school for kids.  On Friday, we had an early morning conference with her teacher and then went on a "Girls Only" adventure to the Leesburg Animal Park.

I wanted fall and pumpkins.  Ellie wanted petting zoo.  I wanted not crowded since I was taking both kids alone while Daddy worked.  Caroline didn't get an opinion.

I admit, I was not encouraged at first when all the disabled parking was blocked off for the season.  I asked a manager because I thought the employee directing parking just didn't know where to direct me, but she was correct - there was no disabled parking.  The manager was very responsive and fixed the situation with designated spaces by the time we left, so I got my advocacy done for the day.

The experience was great.  Along with feeding animals (slobbery sheep, slobbery goats, slobbery llamas) there were bounce houses and a giant slide.  I was shocked when Ellie wanted to do the slide, but she loved it!  The girls played together in a bounce house until I pulled Caroline out.  Despite it being a safety move as more big kids arrived, Caroline was not having it and had to be literally wrestled into the Ergo!

We went for a hayride that featured giant fake snakes and real zebras, we met some camels and took selfies with them (of course), and we saw lots of festive fall pumpkins!

I only took my phone for a camera.

This post isn't really about Down syndrome, but it's a good glimpse into life with Ellie!
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