Saturday, October 8, 2016

{31 for 21} Election Season

Election season is upon us, and disability is obviously important to those of us who know and love people with Down syndrome.  Here's a handy-dandy guide to what candidates think.  Although only one candidate lists disability as a specific issue, Veterans Issues, Education, Medicaid, and Health Care all impact people with disabilities and their families.

Vote on November 8!

Clinton: The only candidate who has disability specifically listed.

Trump: I didn't see any mention of disability-specific issues, but here's all of his positions.  Veterans and Health Care are the issues that touch on disability the most.

Johnston: Nothing disability specific I could find, although those interested in Special Education will note that he wants to abolish the Department of Ed.  Not sure how that impacts IDEA.  (And if someone knows, please post a link!)  His positions are here:

Stein: Mentions disability under her opposition for two tier wage system.

McMullin: Nothing specific on disability but some stuff on veterans and life, which some DS advocates see as a disability issue due to the abortion rate of Down syndrome pregnancies.

So go!  Read!  Decide!  Vote!
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