Sunday, July 10, 2016

Road to Recovery.

Well, we are 13 days without tonsils and hanging in there.

Lots of tears have fallen, and Ellie's cardiologist predicted correctly that this recovery would be harder on her than her open heart surgery recovery.

Crazy, right?

But her OHS recovery went really well, and now she is old enough to cry and whine with real words.

As in, if Matt gives her Tylenol or Motrin, she responds, "I'm mad at Daddy."  And if I give her Tylenol or Motrin, I hear, "I'm mad at Mommy."  Even Grandma got scolded for giving medicine.

Summer school starts tomorrow and we appreciate happy thoughts, prayers, and wishes for health not to get in the way of learning and making new friends!

We've left the house for three adventures.

1. American Girl store, where we knew Ellie was wiped out because she could hardly summon enthusiasm for a grandma who said, "I'll buy you a doll.  Pick one."  "I want Addy..."  "You have Addy."  "Oh."

2. Barnes and Noble, where she lasted for about thirty minutes before meltdown mode.

3. Glen Echo Park/Aquarium where she held crabs at the mini-aquarium and rode a carousel.  That went well for an hour but the meltdown at the end was epic.

So that's the update.  Grandma is headed home and we attempt to resume "normal" tomorrow!

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