Friday, June 24, 2016

EEEEK! Done with Pre-K.

Just keeping my mom feelings real here.

Ellie started school at 2.5.  I did not think I'd be emotional about the end of preschool or the start of kindergarten.

Her last day of preK is today and I may have teared up a little.

Before Ellie was born, I knew she'd get special education preschool services.  She loves school and cannot wait for Kindergarten, and I have pretty minimal fears for her.  I worry about her making friends who love her for who she is.  I worry because she'll be at a new school next year, away from "big kids" she's known most of her life through church and away from the friends who have shared her classroom for three years.

I just cannot believe how much this baby has grown up.

When Ellie started school, she had just begun to walk.  She spoke about 75 words, many of which were approximations.  She was tiny and had to find her rhythm.

Ellie is now super comfortable at school.  A friend saw her at school recently and commented to me that Ellie has grown up and carries herself with confidence.

The preK chapter is closing.

I am thankful for the start he team gave her.  Now, we're off to Kindergarten.

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