Friday, June 17, 2016

Buddy Walk Announcement, Sister Update, Etc.

So I'm a crummy blogger.

Forgive me.

School gets out one week from today.  Caroline eats laptop cords, which makes blogging tough.  (And she eats iPhone chargers.  We have seriously gone through like 8 since she's been mobile.  She sucks on them and they get water damage.)

Ellie has been busy with end of school year activities, learning to ride a very small balance bike, and gymnastics.  Caroline has been busy getting super mobile - pushing a walking toy, crawling at high rates of speed, and climbing.  We've been at the spray park and using our water table and sand table.

In just over a week, Ellie will have her tonsils out.

We've had my mom and my brother in town at various points recently.

My photography schedule is filling up quickly.

Life is good.  We'll celebrate Matt on Sunday for Father's Day.

We're gearing up for our Buddy Walk in October.  You can sign up or give here.

In short, life is life with two little girls.  We laugh a lot.  Ellie's sleep has not improved, although we are hopeful surgery will take care of that.  She's also getting a twin bed tomorrow!

Caroline finally started sleeping five hour stretches at night, got her two front teeth, and since then, has slept five hours exactly one time.

And that's our life.  I clearly am not updating this blog as frequently as I once was, but I'll continue to share glimpses of life with a child with Down syndrome, and continue to direct new moms to the archives!

Here are some photos, since I obviously am just updating on random bits and pieces!

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  1. I love the picture of her about to pour that bucket of water over her sister. Such typical older sister behavior. lol And the look on her face!


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