Friday, May 6, 2016

A Medical Month.

Well, I just liked the title.  Really, it's a medical two weeks and two days which includes both April and May.

As I mentioned in my last post, Ellie had a blood draw as a follow up to her sleep study.

Since then, Ellie started a new medication and resumed Flonase in a higher dose to help combat apnea.

Minor problem: She had an adverse reaction to the antihistamine.

Translation:  She wasn't like our daughter anymore.  She was hitting and angry and it was scary for everyone.  We pulled her off the medication and her medical team has advised against antihistamines for the foreseeable future.

I called the Nurse Practitioner at the sleep clinic, and left a message with the receptionist.  "I think this is having a bad impact on my daughter.  She's hitting her friends."  Ellie interrupted, "NO, I'm PUSHING them!!!"

Ellie acts out normally, like any other five year old.  Or, maybe not like other five year olds in the way she acts out, because developmentally she's a bit different than other five year olds.  But she engages is standard "naughty" behaviors, like saying inappropriate words (her favorite is "POOP!") or using her knee to knock Caroline down if Caroline touches her stuff.  ("I did NOT push Caroline!  I promise!")  But mean isn't a word I typically would use to describe Ellie.  The medication however, made her aggressive and impulsive, a combination that was horrible.  After a couple rough days at school and an evening spent in tears as I ran around the house following my little tornado and attempting to keep her sister safe, we determined the culprit.  That was three days ago and this morning Ellie was a bright ray of sunshine again... a sleepless one, but at least a nice one.  (Until Caroline tried to take her chair, but we can deal with that.)

And just to keep things exciting... with a doctor's visit yesterday and three more next week, medication changes are the rule of the day.  After three years, we are attempting to wean Ellie from reflux medication.  Let's see what the ENT, ophthalmology, and cardiology have to say.  Hopefully, the most we will get from them is the go-ahead for a tonsillectomy, an updated glasses prescription, and a "see ya in a year."

Normally, Ellie's medical stuff is no biggie.  A few extra annual appointments make me feel scattered each Spring, but that's been it.  Daily medication for reflux to remember on vacations, but pretty minor issues.  With the annual appointments coinciding with the sleep study follow ups, this season has been harder than most for me.  (The lack of sleep for the last seven months/five years might have something to do with it too.)  I remember celebrating at the end of 2013 that it was Ellie's first "surgery free" year.  That milestone was big.

Ellie is tough as nails, but she's getting sick of doctors and I can't blame her.  Instead, I'll keep holding her hand and try to provide opportunities for fun in the midst of the unending appointments.

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