Monday, April 4, 2016

New Perspective.

Ellie walked at two and a half.

She army crawled at ten months.

She cruised a little at 12 months.

Caroline is crawling and pulling up and even taking a couple little cruising steps and she's like a little wrecking ball.

So that brings me to perspective change #1: When kids meet developmental milestones later, they are more cognitively ready for their new skills.

So yeah, Ellie has a cognitive disability, but at 12 months, her cognition was I'm sure beyond that of a six month old.  Ellie had some knowledge of cause and effect, such as "if I keep crawling into that coffee table, my head will keep hurting."

As I'm sure you've guessed, Caroline at six months does NOT have cause and effect figured out.

Here she is, showing off new skills and hanging out in her crib, aka "the baby cage."

New perspective #2:  When I thought about hypothetical future siblings for Ellie, I thought about them taking care of her.

In reality, if Caroline is having a rough night, we have to bring her down to the basement and sleep with her down there because if Ellie hears any crying, she wakes up.

And yells at us, "MOMMY!  DADDY!  Caroline is CRYING!" and then she runs to her sister's room.  "It's okay Caroline.  You don't have to be sad.  Mommy will feed you."

Ellie the sleepless wonder is not only the best big sister, taking such good care of Caroline, but also the ultimate sleep training hurdle.

But as far as perspective, Caroline's earliest memories will probably be Ellie caring for her.  And that makes my heart happy.

Ellie is at school right now, and Caroline and I are getting ready to head out to her six month doctor's visit.  Everything is so different this time around.  Ellie's six month visit was combined with her "Hey, I just got out of the hospital from open heart surgery" visit and her shots had to be delayed.  We couldn't hold her under the armpits.  Caroline was over 19 pounds last month, so carrying her has its own set of challenges.

Off to the doctor we go!
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  1. I think that your blog is beautifully written and has great perspective. I don't frequently comment - but I thought I'd let you know that your words were read and appreciated! Perspective is such a unique thing.

  2. Go Caroline Go!
    Sadly (and not sadly), she is going to pass Audrey up in the poundage department…we are TRYING TRYING TRYING to get to 20 pounds…..:)


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