Saturday, April 30, 2016

Catching Up: Baptism and Sleep.

When Ellie was a baby, I remember reading a criticism of the Down syndrome community somewhere.  It said something like "Those moms all blog about the cute little babies and their kids turn five and they stop blogging because their lives are so hard."

Um, no.

Our kids turn five and maybe we have another baby and then we blink and it's been two weeks since we blogged because we've been running around from school to sports to friends to church and we are BUSY!  Because we have school-age kids, and that's life.

So, no, my life doesn't suck, but yes, I've been neglecting my blog.  Ellie is still cute, by the way.

Two big recent events, in (semi)chronological order:

Caroline was baptized, for real this time!  You may recall that we planned Caroline's baptism for January, but instead, we got a blizzard.  Well, this time around, we made it to church, the weather was great, and Caroline slept through the service, barely opening her eyes when our Rector (that's the pastor in an Anglican church) poured water on her head.  She woke up for a small celebration at our house following the service.

Since we had people over, a couple days before the baptism I asked my dear friend/Caroline's godmother Christina to help me plant some of the planters in our backyard.  That project turned into a small renovation project, and our patio no longer features carpeting!

Both photos credit: Jessica Mellon.

We also got the results of Ellie's sleep study.  No big surprise, her ferritin is most likely still low causing restless sleep, and she has moderate apnea.  We've attempted to treat the ferritin in the past and will continue to do so, and we have an ENT added to our annual spring list of specialist visits.  

The sleep clinic wanted some updated labs from Ellie, which meant a blood draw.

She is so tough.  She watched and didn't even say "ow," just thanked the tech and asked me for a treat.  We went to meet friends for donuts because... well, when the five year old handles a blood draw better than mom, she gets a donut.  And when mom accidentally glances at the needle, she deserves a donut, too!

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