Thursday, March 24, 2016

How Things Change.

There's so much I want to say when I hear of a mom with a new Down syndrome diagnosis.

Things get better.
You'll have friends.
You are not alone.
You will still have fun.
Your kid will have fun.
You WILL be okay.

Five and a half years ago, I googled "Babycenter Down Syndrome" after seeing some group mentioned in Road Map to Holland.  I signed up, joined this online group and some very nice moms gave me reassurances like those above.

Missy was the first mom.

Selfie from Missy.

Reading about her daughter, I thought, "I could have a kid like that.  It would be okay."

Missy answered a LOT of my questions, and I had plenty of questions.

That didn't end when Ellie was born.  I ask Missy (and a few other folks) all of my Down syndrome questions.  Most of those moms, even if I met them online, I've had the chance to meet in the five and a half years since Ellie's diagnosis.

And many of them have said, "How in the world have you not met Missy yet??"

Well, I finally did!

From this random lady online to a real friend, I am so grateful for how things change.

I didn't know we would still go on vacation and have fun.  I didn't dream that my baby girl (the actual baby) would be at her happiest in the arms of Missy's middle daughter.  Lily said she's around little kids a lot (and she clearly loves them, and they clearly love her) at Down syndrome events.  I smiled and realized that Caroline may also have this gift.

Without Caroline, but WITH a mermaid tail!

Sweet toddler Violette who gave me encouragement made me laugh at the beach as a big kid.  Caroline was the hot commodity.  "Excuse me.  Can you please get me your baby?"

And Ellie?  That baby who made me worry so much?  She had a blast at the beach.  "Miss MISSY!  WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!  LOOK AT MY CASTLE!"

Me and my fears?  I'm sitting on the couch with my five year old who just got out her crayons, colored for awhile, and put her crayons away.  Last night, her baby sister had a rough night.  They're sharing a room right now, with Caroline in the pack and play and Ellie in a twin bed.  I was sick of getting up and running into their room so I got in bed with Ellie.  In the morning, she asked why I was there and I explained.  She comforts her sister constantly - I am so thankful.

Down syndrome has made my world bigger.

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