Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Some Video Fun.

A few videos from the last week or two...

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Caroline is teething.  Ellie is back in school, and so thankful for a routine to routine.  On Tuesday morning, she was running around singing, "WE GO TO SCHOOL ON TUESDAY!"

And me?  I'm just trying to catch up on life, and in shock realizing that Ellie turns FIVE a month from tomorrow.


Matt and I asked Ellie what we should get for her birthday.  She said a cake.  I asked what kind of present and she said a hippo.  We all laughed and I told her that we needed a real answer, because I'm not buying a hippo.

Totally deadpan, she looked at Matt and said, "Okay, you can get me a penguin."

Is this the girl whose birth I feared?  Who I worried wouldn't talk?  Who I feared wouldn't have personality?


Ellie, I'm so glad my fears were so silly.  You are wonderful.
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