Sunday, January 24, 2016


The plan was for Caroline to be baptized today, but church is two miles away, the roads aren't cleared, and the Department of Transportation is requesting people stay off the roads.

From Friday until late last night or early this morning, DC and the surrounding area got slammed with about 20 inches of snow.  (More in a lot of places, but the closest official measurement I could find was 20-21 inches for a mile or two away.)  Fortunately, we had ample warning and plenty of supplies including Cadbury creme eggs, ice cream of both the dairy and coconut variety, taco fixings, soup, coloring books, and in case of emergency, firewood, flashlights, and a pour over to make coffee.

So instead of baptism, Caroline's godmother is snowed in with us for the historic storm, and we are enjoying a weekend of sledding, shoveling, coloring, reading, and family.

Today I'll get some real pictures of the girls in the snow.  Yesterday the snow was still falling and we were trying to navigate though nearly two feet of snow, which means snow well up to Ellie's waist.  She couldn't really walk.

Here are some phone photos:

Caroline, our neighbor, and Ellie in the snow.
Caroline enjoyed it more than this photo shows.

Christina got this picture of me shoveling.  Second time in my life!
This was only halfway through and before the heavy snow started.
Yesterday, as we sat in the basement playing Scrabble, Elsa caught our attention.

Time out: If you are unfamiliar with Giant Elsa, let me fill you in.  In December, my mom let me know her package for Ellie for Christmas was en route.  I asked if I should open it and wrap it.  She said no, because then I could be surprised.  I obviously was scared.  Well, the packing slip was on the outside of the box so I called my mom when a box labeled "My Size Elsa" arrived on my front door.  

Ellie loves it.

The rest of us are a little scared.

Meet Elsa:

Blurry but in awe.

Now that you know Elsa....

So not the weekend we expected, but pretty good so far.  Caroline, we love you and we can't wait for your formal inclusion in our church family... in April.
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