Monday, January 25, 2016

#Snowzilla Aftermath.

I posted on Saturday that I would get my real camera out, take pictures of my kids in the snow, all that good stuff.

Well, lesson learned.

A four year old who can't walk through the snow because it's up to her waist, a baby who requires being carried through snow, and a husband working really hard to shovel two feet of snow from our driveway meant that Christina and I were in charge of both kids in the snow, with no spare hands for a DSLR.

We did grab some iPhone pictures.

Christina took most of these - They span the weekend.


Buying crafts.

Wheat bread and hot dog buns available.

Christina, Ellie and I are glad we drink dairy-free milk!

The snow begins, this is every few hours:

Saturday fun:

"I want to make a penguin craft and paint."

Another 10 inches or so fell on top of this.

Sunday fun:

Just pretend they're dressed up at church.

Must make french toast.

On our Saturday walk.

Christina and the girls in the driveway.
Matt got a good workout digging!

Caroline "sledding."  It was flat.

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