Monday, January 11, 2016


It's been ages since I posted about Ellie and early literacy.  At her school, they do a lot of phonics work, and she knows all of her letters and sounds.  She's been working on blending the sounds together to form words, which is a challenge for her.

I decided it was time to start working on sight words with Ellie.  Some parents of kids with Down syndrome start much younger, I waited for a few reasons.  They do phonics at school.  I wanted Ellie to comprehend what she reads.  And I didn't get around to it until last week, with the exception of family names and a few random words.  For a few months, Ellie has watched sight word videos while I do her hair, but I got serious the other day and made flashcards.  I did our family names, some animals, and "see" so we could make the sentence "I see my ...."

She loves it!  I didn't type the cards, but I used my good teacher "Handwriting Without Tears" printing.  On the word "baby" I darkened one line of the "b," because I noticed Ellie struggling to differentiate between "b" and "p" and that was an easy way to draw her attention to the letter's features.

So, a week or so in?


Ellie loves her words.  Caroline sits with us while we practice.  Ellie often gets the words out herself to practice, so I know she really does enjoy it.

And other than that?  The weather alternates between warm but rainy and cold, and my girls and I have been crafting, cooking, and dance-party-ing.

Here they are:

Ellie: Dirty glasses and big smile.

Caroline's face here... sisterly love.

She looks worried a lot.  Ellie might be the reason!

Although Ellie errs on the side of loving too hard, she really is the best sister.  She fetches diapers for me but more importantly, she plays sweetly with Caroline.  It's beautiful to watch.
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