Friday, January 1, 2016

Kicking off 2016.

It's New Year's Day at 7:22 am.  Ellie was up at 4:15, when she crawled into bed with Matt and I, but she did sleep until 5:40.  That's a victory around here.

After a breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios, Ellie has settled into playing in the living room.  Caroline is settling down in her swing, which she is quickly outgrowing.  I've had my coffee and will probably brew a pot of decaf in a few minutes.

While Ellie played, she discovered a bag containing a bunch of her old blocks.  You know, the kind often gifted to babies?  At our house, we use them for spelling practice, stacking practice, and decorating (i.e, spelling out "MERRY" on a shelf for the holidays).  I also use them on some photo shoots when little ones are involved.

From Ellie's first Christmas.

Well I looked down a moment ago and discovered that Ellie had stacked twelve blocks.  Then she looked at me and stated, "G-O spells go!"

I remember a few years ago when Ellie was in early intervention, trying to get her to stack those frustrating blocks.  I felt in some way like her worth was tied up in being able to stack five blocks.  No one in early intervention made me feel that way; it was my own hang-up.

Ellie has big things ahead in 2016.  She'll start Kindergarten, which is both terrifying as a parent and especially a special needs parent, and wonderful because she's been in school for three years and I think she'll love it.

I think I need to remember that Ellie always works in her own timing.

Never my timing.

A stack of twelve blocks on my carpet proves it.

The little girl jumping like a frog around our house proves it.  She didn't walk until about two and a half.

Ellie works at a pace that is very different from mine.

And she does just fine.

Bring it on, 2016.
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