Friday, January 8, 2016

Changing Viewpoints.

When Ellie was born, I was afraid that she looked like she has Down syndrome.

Yes, I know this is a little bit silly.  Or a lot.

Ellie does have Down syndrome.  I knew that before she was born.

But I posted pictures where I felt like the features of her Down syndrome weren't terribly obvious.

I regret that now, but I can't change how I processed news about her disability.

But I can say that I sure have changed.

Caroline looks a lot like Ellie as a baby.  And my favorite features of Caroline?

They're features that, in Ellie, I attributed to Down syndrome.  Both of my girls have tiny noses and wide-set eyes with a wider nasal bridge.  In Ellie, I automatically knew that was because she has an extra chromosome, because she is different.

Well, Caroline looks just like her, and Caroline has regular boring old chromosomes like me.  And like my husband.

But she looks like her sister with Down syndrome.  And she's beautiful, just like her sister with Down syndrome.

Yes, the features of Ellie having Down syndrome are present and noticeable.  And I don't think Caroline looks like she has Down syndrome.  But she looks like her sister, and I love that.

Oh, except that Caroline is huge and Ellie was tiny.

Caroline top, Ellie bottom.

Ellie is proud of having Down syndrome.  (Just ask her.  "Me and Audrey have Down syndrome and NOT YOU!")  Ellie is proud of having a sister.  ("Look Mommy!  We are SISTERS!  TOGETHER!")

I'm proud that I'm learning alongside my kids.

Ellie top, Caroline bottom.

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  1. What beautiful girls you have. I appreciate your honesty and perspective. Thanks for sharing. :)


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