Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to School.

Ellie just handed me the book "Little Miss Scatterbrain" and said, "It says, 'Bear Down Chicago Bears Illinois!'"

So basically, it's time to go back to school.  Which Ellie will be doing in just over an hour.

Now she changed the words to be about a snake and a beautiful day.

A couple of recent thoughts, and then it's time to bundle up the girls and take Ellie to school.

My girls are totally different people, but I can't help compare in a couple areas.  First of all, they look SO much alike.  Second, their sizes are completely different.  Caroline was diagnosed with pink eye yesterday (sending me into major sanitizing mode and turning our home into a hand washing/sanitizing police state.)  At the doctor, she weighed in at 15 pounds, 3 ounces.  Through the beauty of this blog's search feature, I learned that Ellie was the exact same weight at just over nine months.  Caroline is three and half months old.

Now the book is "Little Miss Scatterbrain lost her sheep."

If you wonder why I am turning into Little Miss Scatterbrain myself, it's because this is the background noise of my life.

So Caroline is sick (again) and Ellie is super excited for school.  And yesterday, she was amazing.

To get Caroline a Sunday appointment involved driving to the office farthest from our home.  Then they were running behind and we sat around for half an hour between Caroline being weighed and seeing the doctor.

And Ellie was great.  I asked if there was anything that would help her.  She suggested a snack.  When I told her that snacks weren't allowed and I didn't have any, she didn't flinch.  "Okay."

I took her to lunch on the way home.  (I took Caroline, too, but Caroline slept the whole time.)

Somehow, Ellie has become this helpful, agreeable (mostly) little girl and I am so proud.

I'm scared to hit "Publish" on this post because I don't want to jinx it!

Yesterday, Ellie randomly looked at Caroline and put her on purple for good behavior.  At school, purple is the best color, reserved for amazing behavior.

My mini-me is posing her Minnie Mouse toy to photograph, and I am hoping to get out my big girl camera more for my own kids in 2016.  I'm also attempting to be more disciplined about blogging here.  I don't have nearly as much to say about Down syndrome, but there's also a sense that parents stop blogging when their kids get older because it gets harder to parent them.


I just am running out of things to say.  My kid is playing with a camera, sitting in her new chair, photographing everything in our house.

Happy 2016, readers!  I hope to be around this space more this year!

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  1. Or, as you maybe are figuring out by writing it, parent's of older children with Ds stop blogging because...well, they realize at some point, it's just life. It's not actually harder, in fact for many of us, it's easier as we go, making it *feel* less...blogworthy, is that a word? Well, it is now.
    However, since you brought it up, I actually didn't even START blogging until after Marcus turned 21. Part of the reason I began blogging was because I did see a void in the interwebs when it came to families of adults with Down syndrome. Tumbleweeds across the screen. (The catalyst to begin was a story that will share with you on Facebook.)
    ONE MORE THING to consider. My son is now 25. I was 19 when he was born. There are many other parents who were, let's just say, *older than me* when their child was born. Meaning that...well...they're older than me now, too and this "blogging thing" is probably not making the top of the list of new projects they want to learn. Seriously. It's easy to you young people but C'MON! oh my. I've gone on a rant and you didn't even mean to start it. You just said you'd keep blogging - Yes, please. Yes - please keep blogging. Thank you. :)

  2. But blogging about life is what people need to see--daily chaos fun with a side of extra. School will be adding extra fun as kinder hits don't worry ....


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