Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grace Upon Grace.

It's the little things in parenting and in life that make our days wonderful or put us over the edge.  Small moments and small talk make up the vast majority of our lives.

Yesterday, those moments had me on a bit of a roller coaster.

Caroline finally had a night where she was only up once!  But for an hour and a half of tears.

Ellie, with her tiny little nose and nasal passages, like many of her peers with Down syndrome, has hit the season of "super snot" from about November until March.

Caroline had a tummy ache and was inconsolable.

We had a 30 degree morning and I hadn't unpacked the winter gear yet, and Ellie had one mitten.

No big deal.  I dropped Ellie off at school, apologized to her teacher for her bare hands (the teacher laughed), said a silent thank you to Aunt Bonnie who had sent a hat after we moved, and came back home with Caroline.

I put her in a sling and managed to make cookie dough.  A friend (a kid friend) was coming over after school to make roll out sugar cookies.  House was prepped.  Caroline and I went to Target to pick up the rest of the ingredients for our Thanksgiving contributions.  I found the Ninja Turtle requested by a little boy who lives in a homeless shelter.  (Our church buys presents for the families at a local shelter each year.  Who knew Raphael was such a hot item?)  We stopped at Great Harvest and picked up bread for my first attempt at totally from scratch stuffing/dressing.

The grumpy one slept, albeit only with me holding her.  I read some emails that were exceptionally nice.  I found the buttercream recipe my mom used when I was a kid, and I assume she still uses it on her Christmas cookies.  I assembled ingredients for tomorrow's cooking spree and wasted time on Pinterest while Caroline slept in my arms.  I picked up Ellie.

Little things.

We came home, had a snack, and were ready to bake.  I washed a few last minute dishes.

And my feet got wet.

And there was water coming out from under my sink.

Little things.

As I was calling my friend to say, "Don't bother bringing your daughter" she knocked on my door.

And her kids played with Ellie and she held Caroline and I cleared out all the cleaning supplied we keep under the sink and mopped up the water and taped up the sink and called the plumber and made a game plan.

I'm an extrovert.  I hate making those decisions alone.  I need to talk through them.

So a plumber is coming today, we didn't make cookies or pizza last night because we can't really wash dishes, and my kids didn't sleep last night.  I've been up since three in the morning and I anticipate not sleeping until tonight.

Ellie's snottiness kept her awake.  She heard her sister (Matt was feeding Caroline in the living room) and wandered out, convinced it was morning.  I took her to the basement to sleep and she slept sitting up, murmuring about the old house being empty.

But ninety minutes later, she bounced up the stairs and told me her nose was crusty but she's okay, and we couldn't make cookies because the sink was broken and maybe the sink would be fixed and there are birds outside saying tweet!

Grace upon grace.  In little ways.

And the little glimpses of grace throughout the day kept me thinking about how easy it is to give those glimpses of grace to others.

In the next couple weeks, I'm going to put together my "giving" post with great ideas for gifts that give back and organizations I love.  Because we can all give.

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