Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Quote Post.

I remember praying this girl would talk....

Ellie: What's dramatic?
Me: Did you ask what's dramatic?
Ellie: CAROLINE is dramatic!


Before her flu shot:
Nurse: So she'll sit in your lap.
Me: She's fine solo.
Nurse: How old is she?
Me: Four and a half and braver than you'd expect.
Nurse: Okay.... gives shot.

After getting her flu shot with no tears, no whining, and watching the whole thing.

Nurse: Wow.
Me: I told you she's tough.
Nurse: She didn't cry.
Me: She watches blood draws.
Nurse: (speechless.)

Nurse leaves.

Me: You were very brave.
Ellie: I'm not brave.
Me: Brave means you are tough.  Did you cry?
Ellie: NO!
Me: Did you get scared?
Ellie: I'm not scared.  I got a STICKER! (BandAid)


Me: Ellie, ya know, I used to go to the bathroom alone.
Ellie: NO!  That would be sad.  You would cry.


In the car:
Ellie: Bass bass!
Me: What?
Ellie: Bass bass NO TREBLE!


After I cleaned up an incident with Caroline:
Ellie: Caroline, do NOT poop on anyone.  That would be gross.


(Stockings arrived when Ellie was at school.)
Me: Ellie, what do you notice?
Ellie: Socks!
Me: They're your new stockings for Santa to fill.
Ellie gets a look of terror.
Ellie: I can't go on the red! (Hearth area)
Me: Daddy or I can hand you your stocking.
Ellie: I can't go on the red.  Santa can't go on the red.
Me: Santa is a grown up.  He can go on the red.


After I got home from a photo shoot with Jessica, who Ellie adores.
Ellie: Mommy went with Jessica.  Just you.
Me: Yep.  But Jessica is babysitting you soon.  Just you.  Not Caroline.  Aren't you lucky?
Ellie: I'm not yucky, you're yucky.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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