Sunday, November 1, 2015

{31 for 21} Day 31!

A day late, but I did it!  31 blog posts, some about Down syndrome!

Last night, we went trick or treating.

I asked Ellie about it.

What did you dress like?  A tiger!
What did you say?  Rawr.
What did you say at the houses, when you knocked on the door?  I cannot go in there.  Only the people can go in there, but NOT me!  
But what did you say to them? Trick or treat!
And what did they give you? Candy.  But only take one.
We did something else special, too.  I knocked the door.  I'm a tiger!
I meant the bounce house.  I jumped.  No, I bounced!

Are you going to share your candy with mom?  Yeah.  I get one and you get one.
What if I want two?  No, you get one.

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