Tuesday, October 6, 2015

{31 for 21} Favorite Tools and Tricks.

When it comes to learning activities for Ellie, I have tried almost everything.  As a special education and elementary school teacher, I own a lot of this stuff and owned much of it before Ellie was born!


Junior Learning Rainbow Numbers Magnetic Set - We use this to work on number sense and matching digits to the number of dots.

Reading and Math:

Everything from DSFOC.  Seriously.  Click here.  You have to make an account but they don't spam you at all.  It all includes directions.  I love this stuff and use it with students who benefit from a visual approach.

Here's Ellie "reading" a book she sort of memorized.  (She had it memorized it and outgrew it.  Now she's "reading" to sister.  She has the gist of it right but not all the words.  It should be "A cow says moo.  A sheep says baa.  Three singing pigs say LA LA LA.  No no you say.  That isn't right.  The pigs say OINK all day and night.")


See and Learn is one of my favorites, although we've fallen off that track a bit after Ellie learned the vocabulary.  She never did sight reading with these cards, mostly because we got busy.

For learning letter sounds, it's super annoying, but google "Dr. Jean."  Ellie loves every song and knows her sounds.  Awesome, right?  Now go buy earplugs.


This is what I get asked about most frequently because Ellie has great speech for a kid with Down syndrome.  I also have the least number of speech tips and tricks.  Ready?

What worked for Ellie?
* Go to preschool.
* Have great Early Intervention.
* Have a mommy who talks a lot.
* Have a natural strength in speech.
* Read a lot of books.

What tools do you love?
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