Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Upcoming and Lately...

Ellie goes back to school one week from today.

We are having baby #2, Caroline Grace, in 19 days.

So forgive me if I've been off the grid.  My camera is coming out of hiding this weekend for three photo shoots for Megan Landmeier Photography, and I need to keep it out to capture Ellie's first week of school and her impending big-sister-hood.  Pregnancy is a lot harder chasing this one around!

I'll admit, I've just been a bit overwhelmed.

Poor kiddo also had a GI bug that kept us out of both church and gymnastics for two weeks, which is the same thing as ruining Ellie's life.  She's better now and coloring nicely in her newly set-up playroom, which she loves.

We've been doing lots of work on the house in preparation of being a family of four, and I've been feeling blah.  I'm not one of those cute energetic pregnant ladies.  I'm more like one of those grumpy pregnant ladies who is only doing this because I love kids.

But here are some things I've been doing:

Freezer cooking.  This soup was a big hit.  That's good, because I froze like 5 meals worth.  I also made these ready to throw in the crockpot.  And cookies.  Because we love cookies.  And enchiladas.
A photo posted by Megan Landmeier (@meganlando) on
Organizing.  With a little help from Ellie.
Getting ready for a few events.  Our church 5K is coming up in November (you'll read more about that soon) and the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk is also coming up.  Join us or donate!  We're super fun!

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