Saturday, September 26, 2015

Big Sister.

We welcomed new baby Caroline Grace on Monday afternoon.  19 inches long, 6 pounds, 13 inches.

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Ellie is fascinated by baby sister.  I'll admit, this birth experience was different and in some ways harder (is that even possible?) than when Ellie was born.  With Ellie, there were a lot of unknowns, including the surprise c-section.  I didn't have much time to anticipate, and since I was on oxygen already when I was told I'd be going in for surgery, the anxiety didn't hit until after everything was over.

With Caroline, I walked to the operating room.  And was in no pain prior to the epidural.  I'd been pretty nervous about the epidural (it took me a good 24 hours to ask for one with Ellie) and I maybe freaked out a little.  Matt couldn't be there while they put it in, I maybe cried, and my doctor literally held my head in his hands and told me it would be okay.

So more pain and more nervousness (aka full on anxiety attack) during the c-section, but with the end result of a healthy baby girl.

I hate the phrase, "As long as the baby is healthy."  I'll love her even if she's not.  Ellie wasn't healthy and we couldn't be more thrilled with her.

But I'll admit, a healthy baby is easier.

I spent a few days in the hospital recovering, and Ellie came over one day to see baby Caroline.  My mom is a saint who took care of everything at my house while Matt stayed with Caroline and me.  (And by everything, that includes getting a very enthusiastic and slightly confused about where Mommy and Daddy went preschooler ready for school every day, packing her lunch, all of that good stuff.)

I'm back home now, and still recovering.  I haven't taken many photos and I realized that my camera is upstairs (I'm typing this from the basement) so you get only cell phone photos until I have the energy to go upstairs, retrieve the camera and get some editing done.

I will continue updates soon.  We are good, just tired - I'd forgotten what newborn is like!

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  1. Congratulations! And wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.


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