Monday, August 24, 2015

A Happy Heart/Tink and Key.

Four years ago, we received a great gift.

Ellie with a working, whole heart.

Okay, so her heart isn't perfect.  But it's functional, thanks to the doctors who performed surgery on a little baby, repairing holes and correcting valves on a tiny and vital organ.

The doctors gave Ellie a zipper, a healthy heart, and a new lease on life.

Each year, the anniversaries of most early Ellie milestones matter less to me.  But this one matters more.

Ellie's open heart surgery is the reason we have Ellie.  And as we get further from her surgery, we get further into the years we wouldn't have without it.  The memories of the day are fuzzy.... Ellie trying to crawl off the table before surgery (she couldn't crawl yet), her godfather bringing us Chipotle as we waited, a two way pager that told us when surgery was complete.

Ellie, we love you.  And we love your zipper.  I hope you are always proud of your scar!

Ellie bought her friend Audrey (a fellow heart baby with Down syndrome) a "Zipper Club Member" shirt for her first birthday in January.  In February, we posted in honor of CHD Awareness Week and gave away a zipper club shirt.  But Ellie hasn't owned one... until now.

Tink and Key generously gave Ellie her very own zipper club baseball style t-shirt, and Ellie loves it. It's soft, it's adorable, and it's a fun way to celebrate a scary but important milestone in our lives.

Clip by Jude&Fi.

Want your own?  You can get 25% off any of the Tink and Key t-shirts with the code: SUMMERBLOG15.  You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy

Notice that these photos aren't all mine?  The very talented Jessica Mellon is helping me out lately with Megan Landmeier Photography, and she photographed Ellie alongside me for this post.  

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