Friday, July 3, 2015

More Swimming.

Who is this little fish smiling in the pool?  Swim lessons are some of the best money we've spent!  I let Ellie caption these.

"Me swimming in the big pool.  Ms. Meghan.  With the bathing suit on."

"Me!  Scoopin' water.  Ms. Meghan.  On a noodle.  And scooping.  Two noodles."

"Me swimming.  And Ms. Meghan."  (I asked how she feels there.) "I'm HAPPY!"
Needless to say, swimming has been a success.  Although we had rain most of yesterday and our time at the pool was gray and gross, Ellie had a blast and didn't complain too much about the cold water!

Her swim teacher happens to be a reading specialist who is teaching ESY this summer, which means that she is uniquely in touch with Ellie's specific needs.  And she got a kick out of it when Ellie busted out a Dr. Jean song in the pool.

If you have a preschool or Kindergarten aged child and you don't know Dr. Jean, you are a lucky, lucky parent.  In case you missed it on Instagram, here's a sample from Ellie.

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  1. Ellie looks like a great swimmer! It's awesome that they've been such a hit with her- she clearly loves it! Happy Fourth!

  2. Aw! I love that she loves the water! You can see it so clearly from her smile in every photo! I've been holding off on Gelli's swimming lessons despite my really good friend being the teacher. I have been afraid of her ears and ear infections, so I told myself that it was ok if I wait just a little longer. Seeing Ellie in the water makes me think that Gelli might be ready now. (or rather, her momma is ready.) Loving Ellie's serenade as well...That's a favorite youtube video in our home too...


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