Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Medical Post: The Teeth Doctor

I recently posted about Ellie's experience with a Holter monitor.  Well, we are back today with more medical information, following a trip to the dentist.  Here's a little preview from Ellie.
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A quick search of my own blog showed me that I never posted about Ellie's first dental visit last year. I don't think I wanted to share that with the world.  There were a lot of tears, some wrestling, and an attempt to lock herself in the bathroom rather than return to the dentist.

This year we had a much better experience.  Ellie was fascinated by the idea of a teeth doctor, since she also has a heart doctor, tummy doctor, eye doctor, chromosome doctor, and general Ellie doctor.  She also wanted to know if she can have an eyebrow doctor.

We talked a lot about what to expect.  Although I did this last time we went to the dentist, Ellie was much more engaged in our conversation this year.  She wanted to know if the dentist brushes hair.  (No, just teeth.)

She fell asleep between gymnastics and the dentist, but woke up and was happy to enter the office and play with Legos.  She fed a giraffe to a Lego dinosaur, made friends with the dental hygienists, and had a great time.  When she walked back to the dental chair, she chose to sit like a big girl.  Although a team was still required for hand holding, Ellie didn't fight too much until the x-rays.

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I admit, I had fairly low expectations, but Ellie has been calm during medical procedures lately, with the exception of the Holter monitor.   She was "age appropriate," according to the staff.  She wore her protective eyewear, and in the end, she received a rubber ducky and a toy mermaid for her troubles.

Huge progress, Ellie!  We are proud of you.

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  1. Maybe she can add a "eyebrow" doctor when she gets older.


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