Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Vacation, Day 1.

Summer vacation, day 1.  (Counting as the first official work-day on which Ellie and I were off.)

2:00 am-ish: Joined in bed by Ellie, who eventually kicked Matt out of bed.
4:00 am-ish: Told "GOOD MORNING!  Where is my daddy?"
5:00 am-ish: Gave up and started day.
6:00 am: Cereal is eaten, coffee is consumed, snuggles are enjoyed
7:00 am: Dishes are done, laundry is put away.
8:00 am: Confirmed I own too much teacher stuff.
8:30 am: Made two medical appointments.
9:00 am: Mini photo session.
10:30 am: Off to the spray ground.

12:00 pm: Grocery store.
1:00 pm: Nap and photo editing.
3:00 pm: Off to the pool.

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5:00 pm: Ellie styled my hair.

6:00 pm: Ellie and I made dinner for Daddy.
6:30 pm: Daddy came home; we ate.
7:00 pm: Family walk.
8:00 pm: Play outside with neighbor's dog.
9:00 pm: Put Ellie to sleep an hour after bedtime.
3:00 am: Ellie climbed into bed with Mommy and Daddy.

Basically, life is good.

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