Friday, June 19, 2015

End of a School Year.

This school year, I....

...taught my first year of Kindergarten.
...sent my child to our neighborhood school (not my school).
...achieved National Board Certification in Exceptional Needs Education.
...survived about 243908234578349 minutes of indoor recess in the first trimester of pregnancy.
...taught while waiting for test results on our second baby's chromosomal makeup.
...didn't run nearly as much as I wanted to.
...started a business.
...went to Florida for spring break.
...went to upstate New York for Thanksgiving.
...stayed home for Christmas. really, really tired.
....and learned a lot.

Next school year, I.... not teaching, taking a year leave of absence.
...will have a baby and a preschooler.
...will have another c-section in late September.
...will run a business only during non-contract hours (FMLA requirement).
...expect to miss teaching.
...expect to miss the friends who are moving this summer, unfortunately a rather long list.
...expect to be challenged.
...expect to fall more in love with TWO little girls.
...might even volunteer in my child's classroom for the first time!

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