Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Side effects.

In her first six months of life, Ellie had two major surgeries.  The first was the GI surgery that saved her life by enabling her to eat.  The second was the open heart surgery that saved her life, enabling her tiny heart to keep functioning.

At 14 months, Ellie had eye surgery.

She's had her vaccinations more or less on schedule, with a few delays due to the aforementioned surgeries.

Ellie also has regular blood draws to check on her thyroid and to monitor for leukemia, which is more prevalent in children with Down syndrome.

Traditionally, Ellie has been super tough until she sees the blue medical gloves go on any person in a medical facility, and then she completely flips out.

But Ellie has always been tough with scrapes and bruises.  I figured the medical freak outs were some sort of lingering side effect of a medical history she barely remembers.

Until today.  Ellie had her four year old checkup, which included three booster shots.


Brave doesn't even describe it.  As a hater of needles, I still can't look at a blood draw or shot.  I may or may not pass out when I have to give blood.  When my Verifi test required a re-draw, I started crying on the phone with the nurse.

But Ellie?

She watched the nurse stick her twice in the left arm and once in the right.  During the last shot, she whispered, "Ouch."

My 31 pound, 2'10' four year old is one of the toughest kids I know.
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