Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Rambling Post.

I've been slacking in this space.  A few things have been keeping me busy, aside from Ellie and growing a new human.  None of the things keeping me busy is bad or horrible, but life is full.

The school year is over in 19 school days, which means I have 19 school days with which to pack my classroom and write report card comments and generally check to make sure that my students are ready for first grade.

Our dryer broke.  We ordered a new one.  It came.  Yay!  But seriously, that made my week seem insane.  Our basement was not made for line drying towels, and I am so glad I live in an era of appliances.

My business has launched.  I wrapped up my final portfolio session over the weekend and I am now advertising for senior photos for the class of 2016, as well as family sessions.  (I'd actually wrapped up family session portfolio building awhile ago, but I needed to add a senior boy to officially feel like my portfolio is a good reflection of what I offer.)

The pool opened and one of my dear friends is moving far away.  We spent this evening at the pool and grilling with my friend Christina, because that's what we do in the summer.
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So that's what has been keeping me busy lately.  Photography has been a great outlet, although I've been neglecting photos of my own child in the process.  I plan to fix that tomorrow.
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Pregnancy with a four year old and finishing a school year and starting a business seems harder than pregnancy without a kid at home.  I think I must have blocked those memories because I can't recall at what week I felt good or at what week all my non-maternity shirts stopped fitting.  (FYI, this time, it's TODAY, which is 22 weeks and two days and zero shirts that look okay.)  My appearances in this space may be spotty through the end of June, and who knows how much time I'll have for blogging over summer or when the new baby arrives.  But I'm still here.

I don't have as much to say about Down syndrome lately, although some non-blog writing on the topic is on my to do list for tomorrow.  Ellie has Down syndrome, but that's been such a back burner issue in the past few weeks and months.  I'm much more concerned that Ellie has "try to give away baby sister" syndrome.

Also, that "one cup of coffee a day" rule for pregnancy is cramping my style.

Enough rambling.  I'll try to be back tomorrow with a weekly Ellie portrait!

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