Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Sometimes, you just need to get away with two of your best friends before one of them takes off and moves to Colorado.

One the drive from Northern VA to Dewey Beach, DE, we spotted: A crazy rainstorm that was the equal in duration to the time it took us to load my car, a rainbow, someone running across the eight lanes of the beltway, and a very large bird in a car looking at us.

At the beach, we saw dolphins and a lot of dogs in clothes, including sunglasses and a tutu.

But most important was time together with great friends and laughter.

I didn't have an umbrella in my car, but I did find sand toys and a broken tiara.

Baby G got to come with us because she's little.  Ellie did NOT.  And she still doesn't know I was at the beach.

Christina riding an elephant.

We looked super cute for dinner at Salt Air on Saturday but didn't take a single picture.  The rest of the time we looked windblown and that all was documented with iPhone selfies.  But there's plenty of pictures of a cute baby!

The scenery in Rehoboth was fun to take in, and we explored a few shops, including an independent bookstore.

I'll have to take Ellie's weekly portrait soon, since I didn't see her until Sunday night!
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