Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Beach Time.

Ellie loves the beach.  She loves the sand.  She loves to touch the water but is getting her bravery back in terms of swimming.

Ellie and daddy.

I heart Naples sunsets.

The pier.

More of the pier.


My girl in the sand for the first time since August.  

Ellie does not love the wind.  Also, she fell at school on Friday and cut up her cheek, of course, right before vacation pictures.  (It's a family tradition.)

Last night, I thought I'd capture some beautiful sunset shots of my girl.  She ended up a grumpy windblown mess instead, so I captured that and the sunset without Ellie.  We'll try again a different day.

I'm still learning my new camera, and I think it lets in more light - I keep blowing out shots, but I love the full frame and this is a beautiful place to learn.
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  1. Megan, you are such a talented photographer (oh, and have an amazing vacation. You deserve it!)


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