Friday, January 23, 2015

This Week.

I keep saying to myself, "I can't believe I'm not blogging at all during the week.  Next week I'll make sure to post something!"

But I don't.

Ellie has a minor cold causing major sleeplessness around here, we had a long weekend plus a teacher workday to work on grades, Ellie has been coloring a ton.

We seem to be in the midst of a period go growth for Ellie - her fine motor and speech skills are improving daily.  These bursts come every now and then, which is nice after a long plateau.

In the weeks ahead, we have some fun - celebrating a birthday for Ellie's little zipper buddy, seeing old friends and seeing family.

And in the past few weeks, we celebrated our buddy Charlie's birthday and Matt's birthday.  Matt and I got out of town (well, to Old Town) overnight to celebrate.  We ate at a grown up restaurant and did not have to use the following phrases:

"Keep your food ON THE PLATE."
"Big girls use a fork."
"If you don't like that, don't stick that chewed up food in my mouth."

Little girls celebrating at the American Girl store.

Ellie and Daddy.

Those eyes.

Charlie blowing out her candles.
And the best news around here?  Gymnastics resumes on Sunday.  Bring it on.
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