Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dollhouse and Music.

Ellie recently received the best hand-me-down ever - a dollhouse.  The first day, she played with it for about three hours straight.  When she got in the car and spotted it in the backseat, her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "A dollhouse!  For Ellie!"
She knows what she loves.  Receiving the dollhouse on a rainy/sleety Friday couldn't have been better timing.  Ellie is currently operating the dollhouse oven telling the dolls, "It super hot.  Be careful!"

I will credit school for doing a great job - Ellie's letter and number identification are improving.  I was shocked the other day when she handed me a puzzle piece of the number 8 and said, "Hi mama.  Here's a 8!"  No clue she knew that!

Below is her abbreviated version of the Dr. Jean letter sounds song.  If you can't catch it or you aren't familiar with the song, the portion Ellie sang is "A for apple, a a a, B for bounce, b b b b b b, C for cut, c c c c c" and then she skipped to "Z for zigzag!"

As a Kindergarten teacher, I hear too much Dr. Jean at work.  As a mom, I hear WAY too much Dr. Jean at home, but at least my kid knows her letters.  (If you want to see how the song really goes, here's a link.  Have fun.)
Stay tuned later this week for a post about some specific skills we are working on at home!
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