Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Edition of {Quotable}

Some recent Ellie quotes, and a couple of instagram pics thrown in.

After school, after we had eaten our snack...

Ellie: I want some pirates booty please. 
Me: We don't have any.
Ellie: To the store. 
Me: Did you just tell me to go to the store to buy your snack?
Ellie: Yeah. I push. (She likes to push the cart)
Me: No.
Ellie: Sad face. I'm sad.

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Our weather has been on the snowy and cold side.  Ellie, like her mama, hates the snow.  As we were walking from our car to the house, and Ellie had her baby doll….

Ellie, carrying baby doll: Baby, I carry you in the snow.
Gives me a dirty look.
Me: You are walking.
Ellie, looking pissed: I carry you baby.

Singing her bear hunt song…

Ellie, who is never allowed to use Mommy's nice camera: I going on a bear hunt. Take pictures with my nice camera.

And before I forget…

On Christmas Eve, to Siri: Siri, CALL UNCLE MARK.
Her timing was just wrong.
Me: That didn't work.
Ellie, frustrated: Siri, CALL SANTA CLAUS!

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