Sunday, December 21, 2014

'Tis the Season.

Last night, we somehow had 60-plus people in our home to celebrate the Christmas season.

I did not take a single picture.

I did not make a single cake pop.

Sometimes, life is busy.  We love having people from all different parts of our lives (old friends, work friends, neighbors, church friends) come together to eat cookies and make merry.  In past years, I've managed to get my act together to make dozens of cake pops and intricately frost cookies, but this year, the reinbeer were as good as it got.

But my pre-party work was limited to prepping the house and a few trips to the store.

Here's what I did to make my life easier:
* I bought a bunch of stuff from Great Harvest.  Apple scrapple, rolls, biscotti, cookies….. zero time in the kitchen for that.
* Instead of a kids' craft, I taped a roll of paper to the table in the basement, put out markers and toys, and set up a tent.  The kids ended up making their own entertainment with dress up, art, and jumping on the guest futon (which isn't very bouncy, but hey, it's not a good party until you catch 4 preschoolers/toddlers mid-jump!)
* I put on a pot of decaf coffee and put out a crockpot of apple cider (apple juice, cinnamon sticks, a bit of honey.)
* I bought a big box of applesauce squeezies and put them in a box in the living room.  Win.

Right now, Ellie and I are watching Christmas movies on Netflix.  The lights are on the tree.  We have church and gymnastics today and school again tomorrow.  (That's right.  We actually have school until December 23.)  But in this moment, I am relaxed and laughing at Ellie's commentary while Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy star in the Nutcracker on TV.
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