Thursday, December 4, 2014

Share a Card.

The year Ellie was born, we had a big Christmas card list.

Not only did we include our whole family, but we also sent cards to all of the medical professionals Ellie encountered in her first year, including those who treated a very scared pregnant woman and shared with her the life-altering news that her baby girl would have Down syndrome.

Those doctors had seen us in dark, terrifying days.  They'd also kept our baby safe and given her a shot at life by performing the two major surgeries of her first year.  We sent them Christmas cards because I wanted to say thank you, and because I wanted them to see that their support took us from parents of a tiny, medically fragile little girl to the parents of this:

Not from our first card.  I can't find a digital copy of the photo and don't feel like getting out my scanner.  But this one is even better.

Over the past couple years, I haven't thought to send a holiday card to our genetic counselor or OB anymore.  But I think this year I will.  They know we had a happy baby, but they should get a chance to see that life continues to be okay, that our little girl with Down syndrome continues to smile, and that we appreciate their work.

Thank you, thank you, to every therapist and doctor who helped our daughter arrive safely.  The DSDN is encouraging parents to share holiday cards with their medical professionals this year.  I know a lot of parents who were given grim news and are sending out their cards to show a different side.  Fortunately, all we're doing is continuing a story…. a story in which some kind doctors shared an unwelcome diagnosis that has since become just a part of normal life.  It's time they got an update.
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