Saturday, December 13, 2014

Penguins and Reindeer.

Just popping in for a little laugh for your day.

I wrote recently about our family tradition of allowing Ellie to pick an animal from the World Vision or Heifer International catalog for end of year giving.

As we looked through the photos, I asked Ellie what she wanted to give.

"I give a bird."
"Okay, these ducks or these chicks?"
"No, I give a PENGUIN!"

And that is how we celebrate Christmas around here.  Donating penguins.

She eventually settled on "eight chicks," but if anyone knows of an organization accepting donations to purchase penguins for families in need, we'd happily write another check or loan you a preschooler to volunteer.

P.S. I wore these glasses all day teaching Friday.  Ellie really wants them.  And the best comment I got?  "You know you're not a REAL reindeer, right?"
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