Sunday, December 28, 2014

#ImReady #ChangingTheFaceOfBeauty

Changing the Face of Beauty is a campaign I think anyone can get behind.  The mission?  More people with disabilities in advertising.

The method?  Social media, hence this blog post.

On their Facebook page, Changing the Face of Beauty is calling for people with disabilities to post their photos with the hashtags #ImReady and #Changingthefaceofbeauty with a call for 15 major retailers to include people with disabilities in their advertising in 2015.  Toys R Us and Target have faithfully included kids with disabilities in their ads since at least 2010, which is the year I was pregnant with Ellie and started paying attention.

I Heart Faces had a feature, and one of my favorite photographers, Heather Rodriguez has faithfully been sharing on social media.

Won't you join in?

Step 1) Share a photo of your little model (or yourself, if you are a person with a disability) on your favorite social media.  Tip: Make sure the photo is public.

Step 2) Tag the photo with #ChangingTheFaceOfBeauty #ImReady #15in2015.

Step 3) Tag a few major retailers.  Pick those that matter to you.

Step 4) Tell a friend.  Tell two friends.

Want to spread the word?  Follow the easy steps above and share this blog post, too.

Bring on 2015.
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  1. Just shared it on Twitter - love that stubborn little miss of yours and the awareness you bring.


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