Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankful: Day After Thanksgiving.

It's early.  I'm tired.  Ellie is eating a waffle.  My tree is already up.  My belly is full of turkey and stuffing and pie and pumpkin squares.  My husband is upstairs, hopefully asleep.  (Ellie woke up before four and got out of bed at 4:45.  It's his turn to rest.)

Today the Christmas music will begin in full force.  People will trample each other for deals on stuff.  Most of my shopping is done already, but I may grab a few more gifts depending on where we find ourselves today.

The last two years, I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner for groups of friends.  I love hosting the big meal and creating a special experience for the people we love, but there's something really special about spending Thanksgiving with my extended family.

Focused on turkey.

Ellie was spoiled rotten and loved it.  I saw relatives I haven't seen since Ellie was a baby.

I didn't take a ton of photos, because I was soaking it all in/trying to figure out where Ellie was.

Creepy clown pilgrim.

Big cousin (whatever my cousin's kid is in relation to my kid) showing Ellie the snow.

Not happy with snow.

Poor Ellie, just to keep  her confused, we made sure she has not only an Uncle Mike and Uncle Mark who are her actual uncles, but I also have an Uncle Mark and a cousin named Mike who we refer to as Uncle Mike.

When we arrived and Ellie walked through half an inch of snow, she begged to build a snowman.  When we finally gave her the opportunity, she remembered that snow is really cold and she didn't like that idea anymore.

Uncle Mark retired so he got a tree of scratch off lotto tickets.
As we move into the Christmas season, work is busy.  Life is busy.  My weekends are already scheduled with the Nutcracker and parties and photo sessions and gingerbread house building and the church Christmas pageant and tea and general Christmas fun.  I want to soak it all in and still enjoy the season of Advent and waiting and expectation.

Oh, and I'm cooking Christmas dinner this year, so I guess I will add kitchen time, with my small and adorable assistant.

Happy Thanksgiving.  And Merry Christmas season.
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