Monday, October 6, 2014

{31 for 21} Weird Fears.

Ellie has some weird fears.

I don't know how much her weird fears are influenced by her disability and how much they exist because she's a quirky individual.

Ellie hates the swing.  She used to love it, but now she screams and cries and begs to be "all done swinging NOW!"

I was prepared to write about how Ellie is scared of the bars and rings at gymnastics.  But yesterday, she rocked both of them.  So that's an update to be continued after next week's class.

But the winner in weird fears - her flower girl dress.

Ellie will be a flower girl this month.  Uncle Mark (Ellie's Uncle Mark, not to be confused with my Uncle Mark) is getting married.  His fiancĂ© is amazing.  Ellie outgrew her flower girl dress in the span of about a month, and when we did a try on to confirm that we would be rushing to get a second dress, Ellie screamed and cried about not wearing "Auntie Karen's dress!!"

The new dress arrived about a week ago and was met with an identical tearful reaction.  I hung it in Ellie's room at Ellie height and encouraged her to hug and pet the dress.  I got it on her twice today over t-shirts.

Friends, wish us luck.  Pray that Ellie doesn't strip down in a beautiful cathedral.  And seriously, who is scared of a flower girl dress?

PS. No photos today.  I just did a whirlwind trip to Chicago for the bridal shower, Ellie and Matt had a busy weekend that included our Buddy Walk, and I got home late last night and have a bit of a cold today.  I'm hoping to get my camera out tomorrow!
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