Sunday, October 5, 2014

{31 for 21} Time flies.

That lady in the picture?  She's me in 2010.

I was terrified.  This was the day before my CVS procedure which led to the news that Ellie would have Down syndrome.

Me now?  Well, you don't get a picture of what I look like since a certain individual has required attention before five every morning for weeks.  But I can promise you this - that fear is gone.

Yesterday morning, Ellie got time out for throwing a bowl of applesauce.  After her time out, she put her stuffed llama into the time out spot, and told him, "No spilling on the carpet.  Time out!  No pushing.  That is NOT NICE!"

I was also informed she "Need a napkin!  NOW!" for a "polk-y dot" because her pajama pants had applesauce on one polka dot.  Based on the the fact that the applesauce was perfectly centered and the spill was fingertip-sized, I have a feeling the "spill" was placed.

The scared lady in the picture?  She didn't need to worry so much about her daughter.  But she should have worried more about her carpet.

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