Sunday, October 12, 2014

{31 for 21} Take Action.

This post isn't exclusively about Down syndrome, meaning there isn't much about Down syndrome in it at all.

This post is about caring.  Which I guess does impact the Down syndrome community, too.  Take action.  Care in real and practical ways for the people around you - recent immigrants, the poor, the hungry, the kids with disabilities, the people in your neighborhood who need a friend.  Do something, even if it's small.  Bring a meal to a friend.  Run a charity 5K.


Want to care for the local community, locals?

Check out this 5K our church is putting on.  It's Saturday.  It's fantastic.  It benefits Casa Chirilagua, a local non-profit.  Runners - there are gift cards as prizes and the age brackets are narrow.  Non-runners - we love cheerleaders!

Want to care for the world, locals and non-locals?

One of my neighbors and I are hosting a Noonday party on November 1.  Locals, email me for the invite.  Non-locals, you can order online here and enter my name as host.  This is the only Down syndrome connection in this post - I learned about Noonday from Kelle, who blogs about her family, including Nella, who has Down syndrome.  But Noonday actually has nothing to do with Down syndrome.  It's a company that pays a fair wage to artisans in ten different countries, providing economic opportunity.  They also donate money to orphan care and orphan prevention, the latter primarily through poverty prevention.

They have some beautiful stuff.

Finally, like bowling and feeding the hungry?  Call me about Turkey Bowl.

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