Friday, October 3, 2014

{31 for 21} On Gymnastics.

Ellie began gymnastics at our local gym in a "Tumbling for Tots" class not long after she learned to walk.

Gymnastics is the highlight of her week, and Ellie has been enrolled in each session offered for the past year and then some.

Our county provides support for kids with disabilities in the regular county classes as appropriate, and also offers adapted classes.  At this point, the typical "Tumbling for Threes" with support is best for Ellie, so that's what she takes.

Flexibility is a benefit in gymnastics, and Ellie has flexibility to spare.

A few glimpses of her class.  In the first clip, Ellie is learning a safety roll from the beam.  In the second, she's practicing her pencil roll.

Typical peers are great models for Ellie, and gymnastics is helping her follow directions, stay with a group, and feel confident on the playground.  Plus, she loves wearing her velvet leotard.

Her baby dolls and Curious George and her stuffed dino are constantly doing straddles, forward rolls, and walking on the beam.

Gross motor skills are hard for Ellie, but gymnastics is the best thing we've done for her.

P.S. For all her gymnastics photos on instagram, check out the hashtag #ellieflips.
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  1. My 1.5 year old just started a little Mommy&Me gymnastics class. He's not walking yet, but he scoots around and plays with all the toys with the other kids. I'm hoping the other toddlers give him some ideas about how to move around and cause trouble!


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