Thursday, October 2, 2014

{31 for 21} On the Farm.

On Saturday, we visited a local farm.  Ellie met some cows, some pigs, and a horse.

And she terrorized a chicken.

Ellie has some fears that can best be described as "strange and strong."  She used to love the swings but they terrify her.  Kiddie rides at the fair?  Torture.  Heights?  Awful.

But animals?  This kid is pretty fearless.

The chicken ran away, although Ellie did declare it "too big!"

She tried to pet a horse/donkey (she had mixed opinions about which animal she was with) on the mouth.  And she forced Matt and I to pet the horse/donkey multiple times, using hand over hand prompts when we failed to respond to "Mommy's turn to pet him.  Daddy's turn.  Say HI TO HORSE!"

Local friends - Oxen Hill Farm is free.  We brought a little picnic and it was well worth the short drive to hang out for an hour or two.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun and how great that it's free!


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