Wednesday, October 15, 2014

(31 for 21} Looking for Happy.

Today is gross.

Today is rainy.

Today would be an easy day to feel generally sad.

So today, I am focusing on what is GOOD about having a child with Down syndrome.

1. The community of parents of children with Down syndrome is awesome.
2. Free preschool.  And it's good preschool.
3. Watching people's faces when Ellie does the splits.  Asleep.
4. Extra snuggles from low muscle tone.
5. I don't care if it's a stereotype, it's true of my kid - an extra dose of love.  (I went to give Ellie a kiss after I wrote that.  She looked right in my eye and yelled, "NO KISSES!"  So maybe an extra dose of love sometimes.)
6. Beautiful eyes.
7. Knowing that I'm blessed to have Ellie here.  Down syndrome is associated with miscarriage.  Our super early prenatal diagnosis made us aware of this risk.
8. Laughter.
9. We share.  (I asked Ellie what we do together and that was her answer.)
10. A three year old who is still small enough to carry when she needs a big hug.
11. So much personality.
12. A chance to impress my daughter with the sign language I learned in elementary school.
13. Splashing in puddles.

I could go on, but a certain little girl with an extra chromosome is seeking my attention.
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  1. Yes to numbers 4 and 10!! A while back, I came across another mother's view that her daughter's low muscle tone 'made all other hugs seem inadequate', and as I'm learning, it's so true!! Also I'm (not so) secretly in love with my daughter's tiny size. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say this, but both her low muscle tone and her smallness from that extra chromosome are a HUGE bonus - they not only make her special, they let me hang onto my baby that little bit longer. Thanks for this reminder Megan :)


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