Sunday, October 19, 2014

{31 for 21} Kids Who Eat Leaves.

I think sometimes about blogging less.  I'm crazy busy, and my life doesn't seem very exciting.  And I keep forgetting days of 31 for 21.  

I know I'll keep blogging though.  Sometimes, I get emails that remind me why.  

The area where I live is transient.  People move in and out frequently, and lose touch, and come back.  Awhile back, I received a Facebook message from a co-leader in youth ministry I hadn't seen in years.

She was moving back to the area and was pregnant with her second little girl - who had a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome and AVSD.

Sometimes, God knows what we need years before we do.  It's nice to have friends who live in the same place who have kids with the same needs, who can relate, who were friends before kids.

And whose kid with Down syndrome shares the same taste in leaves mine did at that age.

Ellie, 2011, right before tasting the leaf.

My friend's beautiful girls, big sister looking on as little sister eats a leaf.
Have a great Sunday.

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